Farmers & landowners - generate income from trees

Treegeneration supports farmers and landowners to diversify and generate new income through the Woodland Carbon Code (WCC), by planting trees and selling the carbon that they capture as they grow.

Our offer to farmers and landowners:

  • Project manage new woodland developments in partnership with you and get them verified with the WCC;
  • Raise cash for planting trees and establishing the woodland;
  • Sell the carbon that the trees produce on the carbon market on your behalf.

Free Introductory Guide

Download our introductory guide to the Woodland Carbon Code. Learn quickly how to profit from planting trees on your land, and how Treegeneration will help you do this. Earn a living, whilst combatting climate change and supporting your local wildlife.

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Woodland Partnerships with Treegeneration

Treegeneration works in partnership with farmers and landowners to establish new woodland under the WCC. This is a national standard, and owners of woodland that is verified by the Code are able to sell the carbon that your trees capture as they grow. The amount of carbon captured by a tree varies over a 100 year cycle, and peaks after about 25-30 years after planting, and the amount that the carbon sells for also varies according to the state of the carbon market at the point that you are selling it. Over 100 years the income potential for a WCC project is likely to be on a par with that earned by farmers from grazing.

Treegeneration will assist you with developing your new woodland project within the Woodland Carbon Code, and helping you to achieve a sustainable livelihood from your land. Read more on Woodland Partnerships with Treegeneration.

Raising cash for new woodlands

Planting new woodland is an expensive business and cost can act as a significant barrier to landowners wishing to plant trees. Because of this Treegeneration provides help raising cash in the following ways:

  • Crowdsource funding
  • Grant funding applications
  • Pre-sale of carbon units

Crowdsource Funding
We recommend that landowners who need cash raising to establish a new woodland take advantage of Treegeneration's unique crowdsource funding platform called "Help without hurting".

By harnessing the power of social media marketing, and creating synergistic relationships between your woodland project, businesses, and the community, Treegeneration will raise cash through individual donations and investments from the local business sector.

The added value gained from crowdsource funding is that through the process we generate a lot of good publicity for your project, which can result in all kinds of indirect benefits, including support from the local community, and new customers for other aspects of your business.

Also, by reaching out to the local business sector at this early stage, we raise awareness, and begin to compile a database of local enterprises that can potentially be converted into your carbon offset customers in the future when you are ready to sell your carbon units.

Grant funding applications

As an alternative to crowdsource funding, Treegeneration will write and submit grant funding applications on behalf of your project. Where available grants can provide easy money, but funding streams can be very competitive, and also this approach does not provide the added value that can be gained through crowdsource funding. For larger woodland projects grants are also available to assist with the planning stages, which can be very useful.

Pre-sale of carbon units

In cases where crowdsouce funding or grants are not available we are able to pre-sell a quota of the carbon units that will be allocated to your project, to raise the cash for getting the woodland planted. We will do this by matching your project up with businesses that are wishing to purchase carbon offsets, and levering in their early investment.

Sell your carbon units

One of the most important aspects of planting woodland under the WCC is selling the carbon that your project captures, and getting a good price for it. Treegeneration is registered as a Project Developer on the IHS Environmental Registry where the carbon is sold, and as such we are licensed to sell on behalf of landowners that we support. By acting as a project developer for your new woodland within the WCC, we will sell the carbon that you harvest as offsets to individuals and businesses that want to take responsibility for their emissions.

Collaborative land purchase opportunities

It's not fair that existing land owners should get to have all the fun (and the profit)! Land is very expensive though, and even with the income from selling carbon, the risks are high, and the payback period is long. Because of this, Treegeneration is developing the means for people to come together and purchase land collaboratively, so that even people with a modest income can own a little piece of the countryside. If you dream of planting a woodland, but the costs are too high, then this option may be for you. Click this link to read more, and register your interest in collaborative land purchasing.