Coed Ystwyth

Progress report

Target 2500 trees
Sales £50
Donations £143
Generates 129 trees
Target achieved 6%


We plan to create a 4 hectare woodland on our holding in the beautiful Ystwyth Valley, near Aberystwyth, in West Wales. We are currently seeking support for planting the first hectare only, to be planted over the coming winter. The new woodland is to be planted alongside an existing area of agroforestry that we have created, where we graze sheep, and have free-range chickens. 2,500 trees are planned for the first phase and will include birch, oak, alder, wild cherry, hazel, field maple, hawthorn, crab apple, willow, and rowan.

We are small-holders and the income we derive from the land is not very large, and there is a lot of uncertainty around what subsidies will be available following Brexit. So the additional income from sale of carbon sequestered by the new woodland, under the Woodland Carbon Code, will provide us with much needed financial security.

The first 2,500 trees have been calculated to sequester around 500 tonnes of carbon dioxide between now and 2120, which will help to reduce the effects of climate change that effect us all. Also, wildlife in Wales is on the decline, so we have chosen native tree species that will provide natural habitat for the animals with which we share the Earth.

Our new woodland is a part of the National Forest for Wales scheme, which is aiming to link existing woodland with new forests, parkland and hedges, creating green corridors for flora and fauna, the length and breadth of Wales.