Tokyo Tenaoshi

We have a shop on Bridge Street at the top end of Aberystwyth where we specialise in Anime clothing and related things. We are happy to take Treegeneration vouchers, and are pleased to be supporting local wildlife projects in the process.

Vouchers are valid for 6 months, so if you purchase the item today it will need to be used by the end of Wed 21/08/2024.

£1.00 contributed to wildlife when you buy this voucher!

Codi arian i Ardd Penglais - Fundraiser 2024


Please contribute!
Rydym yn codi arian er mwyn trwsio'r sied, casglu dwr glaw yn well a thalu ein costau sylfaenol yn 2024 - We are raising funds to repair our shed, improve rainwater collection and cover our basic costs for 2024

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