Treegeneration Local

Treegeneration Local is a novel form of business-led crowd-funding which will generate cash for wildlife organisation to plant trees and create new woodlands.

Through our website we will sell e-vouchers to the public on behalf of participating businesses. The cash that is raised when customers buy vouchers is used to plant trees, regenerate nature, and fight climate change. In return for the the value that they provide, we will promote the participating businesses, supplying them with good publicity, new customers, loyalty, and increased sales.

Programme rollout

We are talking to several wildlife organisations in West Wales, and aim to raise funds through a collaborative effort, down the coast, from the Dyfi Estuary to the bottom of Pembrokeshire. We are currently seeking Expressions of Interest from pioneer businesses for our pilot programme and would love to hear from you whether your business is located in this area or not.

If you are interested in your business being part of this unique initiative, or have any other feedback, please complete the short form below. Expression of Interest will remain open until we have a good number of businesses on board, after which we will begin the rollout in your area, and send you more information about how to get started.

The Treegeneration Local Wealth Creation Cycle

The Treegeneration Local Wealth Creation Cycle

Treegeneration Local is a model for a circular local economy, with the well-being of people and planet at it’s core. Value is added to the local economy at each stage within the cycle. Local businesses commit to supplying value to tree planting and woodland creation projects in the form of goods and / or services. The public exchange cash for this value, which enables the growth of new woodlands. This in turn improves the health, well-being, an d prosperity of local people, along with a myriad of additional benefits to the environment. In return for the value provided by businesses, they receive new customers, loyalty, and ultimately increased sales and turnover.

Find out more about the pilot programme here.