Gravelly Hill Wood, overlooking outskirts of Sheffield

Gravelly Hill Wood

Gravelly Hill Wood

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Target 12,500 trees
Sales £30.00
Donations £40.00
Generates 52 trees
Target achieved 0%
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Plan to develop a 5 hectare (12.4 acre) mixed deciduous woodland at Gravelly Hill Farm, on the outskirts of Sheffield. The project will convert land currently used for sheep grazing, at an altitude of around 50 meters with a north-easterly aspect. The new woodland will have partial public amenity via Grit Lane, and a footpath that runs along the southern boundary of the planting zone. The site is exposed to high winds and rain, and the extra tree cover will provide protection for the rest of Gravelly Hill Farm, and will slow down water run-off, and help alleviate flash flooding which has become an issue recently in the nearby residential area.

The mixed deciduous woodland will be visible from a large part of the Sheffield conurbation, and will provide a visually attractive feature to the landscape. Sheffield is within the Northern Forest, which is a bold, transformational project with plans to plant 50 million trees across the North of England, from Liverpool to Hull, and will increase house prices, attract inward investment, and create jobs and prosperity.

A total of 12,500 trees are planned for the site, to be planted at a spacing of 2 meters apart. The species mix will include: birch, oak, alder, wild cherry, hazel, field maple, hawthorn, crab apple, willow, and rowan. The project is projected to sequester around 2,500 tonnes of carbon dioxide during it's life time, with peak carbon capture occurring around 2050.

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