Codi arian i Ardd Penglais - Fundraiser 2024

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Fundraising progress and news

We've been very pleased with the response to our fundraiser. So far we are at 70% of our £300 target, and that doesn't include the Aberystwyth Conservation Volunteers' (ACV) bake sale proceeds.

ACV have been doing lots for us, in fact. They've mended our shed for free, started on a wildlife garden with a barrel pond, made some more seating, and added a new character to the garden (see picture) - a silent figure that keeps an eye on the goings-on.

Aberystwyth Conservation Volunteers Fundraiser event

Tucked away behind the Aberystwyth Students’ Union, far from the hustle and bustle of campus life, resides the Penglais Community Garden. This non-profit project occupies an area of approximately 25m2. Currently, the project has been running for about a decade, helping wildlife to flourish, pioneering food recycling within the Student Union and Arts Centre, and sharing sustainable food growing techniques. The space provided promotes mental health and well-being on campus for students and the wider community.