Merchant accounts

Give credit, gain customers and offset your carbon

Treegeneration uses it's own internal currency (£c) to track the contributions of businesses within the system. When you register your business, a £c account is created for it, with a starting balance of zero.

You begin by contributing £c to the Treegeneration community. The amount that you contribute is of your own choosing, and takes five minutes using a simple form. With each contribution, your business makes a commitment to sell goods and services to customers in return for £c.

Goods and services are sold by placing adverts on the Offers page, and our sales team will work with you to create an offer that benefits your business. As you sell offers and earn £c, your commitment is repaid, and your £c balance returns to zero. If the offer is not benefiting your business, you may remove it at any time, and no-one will force you to repay your commitment. If you repay your commitment, you may generate more credit, and start the process again. The terms of your offer are entirely of your own choosing, and are designed to attract new customers to your business, and increase your sales.

Customers purchase your offers using £c, which they have obtained by exchanging cash for credit. The cash is given to a woodland development of their choice, and pays for planting trees, which sequest carbon dioxide, and regenerate the natural environment. By working with our woodland developers, we can calculate the amount of trees that are planted with the cash that has been raised, and the amount of carbon that these will absorb. Although it is the customer's cash that is paying to plant trees, they are actually buying £c with their money, and ultimately it is your businesses that is paying for the generation of new woodland. As a reward we will send you regular reports detailing the number of trees, and tonnes of carbon that will be offset as a result of your investment.

As Treegeneration grows, we will support woodland developments that are registered with the UK Woodland Carbon Code. Woodlands covered by this standard are able to sell Carbon Credits on the open market in return for the carbon that their trees sequest. As these projects come on line, your woodland investments will be exchanged where we can, for Carbon Credits, which you will be able to cash in on in the future if you wish.

Promoting Offers

  1. You can promote offers by building links directly into your your e-bulletins, social media, and other publicity.
  2. Woodland developers promote Treegeneration in their own publicity material, to help increase their own revenue.
  3. Customers using the site are encouraged to share on their social media networks, after they have purchased credit, or taken up a business offer.
  4. Referrals are a special kind of offer, and are a great way to promote your business, by engaging your customers in the process. A referral is when a new customer takes up your offer, and the existing customer that pointed them to the offer also receives a reward from you.
  5. Regular targeted e-bulletins from Treegeneration promote business offers and woodland investment opportunities.

Placing offers

Our sales team will work with you to pull together an offer that will bring new customers to your business and increase your turnover, although at the end of the day the terms of the offer are entirely your decision. Before placing an offer, it is useful to know how much a new customer is worth to you, and how much you are willing to pay. An example of an offer is:

"Sign up to our weekly veg bag and pay £c20 for initial deliveries."

In this example the customer buys credit from the woodland of their choice, and use this to purchase the veg bag offer. The veg bag scheme knocks £20 off the the customers initial bags, and the customer has "helped without hurting" - they have paid £20 to plant trees but it hasn't cost them a penny!

If your offer is for a larger amount you can offer a cash discount as well:

"Buy our electricity, pay £c50 and receive a £50 discount."

In this case, the customer buys £c50 from a woodland, which they use to buy £50 worth of electricity, and the electricity company gives them a further £50 discount, meaning that they have saved money, and helped plant trees at the same time.


A referral is a special kind of offer where the customer that is buying the offer, can name an existing customer who referred them to the offer, and they will get a reward. This is a great way for you to harness your existing customers as part of your sales team! An example of a referral offer is:

"Buy our electricity, pay £c50 and receive a £50 discount. Extra £50 discount to the customer that referred you."

Managing offers at your checkout

There are a number of different ways to handle purchased offers at your checkout:

  • For e-commerce stores, we provide electronic coupons, and a software integration, so the store can accept the coupon code during checkout, and apply automatic discounts.
  • For real-world retailers, customers can buy voucher, which can be used at your shop.
  • In cases where neither of these are required, you will receive an email when your offers are purchased, with all the information you need to handle the customer's discount.
  • If you have any specific requirement for handling an offer at your checkout which are not already covered, please get in touch with us and we will be happy to discuss your needs.