Let our gift vouchers generate new and loyal customers for your business.

TREEGENERATION LOCAL is a new initiative that is being rolled out in Aberystwyth, that encourages people to shop locally and raises funds for wildlife projects at the same time. We do this by selling vouchers (and other offers) through our website on behalf of participating businesses. With every voucher that we sell a business contribution is made from the sale price to a wildlife project of the customer's choice.

We hold on to the payment until the customer redeems their voucher at your checkout, at which point we forward a payment to you for the voucher amount less the contribution to the project. You decide the denomination of your vouchers, and the contribution amount from each sale.

The amount that is contributed from each sale is like a discount that is offered by your business, but because it is supporting local wildlife projects, it will attract a new range of customers to your website, and through your door. The customer does not actually get a discount, but gets to help a local good cause, whilst at the same time supporting local businesses. The contribution is what you pay in order for TREEGENERATION to bring you new and loyal customers. We will do this by promoting TREEGENERATION LOCAL and your business, to targetted audiences through a range of social and conventional media.

You can find out more about TREEGENERATION LOCAL, how it will benefit your business, and our plans for supporting wildlife projects, by visiting this page. There is also an Expression of Interest form which you can complete, to give us feedback and tell us if you want to take part.

We look forward to hearing from you soon!