Getting started with Treegeneration Local

We are rolling out our pilot TREEGENERATION LOCAL programme in West Wales later this year. You can register an interest in your project participating in the pilot here.

We aim to rollout the pilot when we have a suitable number of registered businesses, and will begin generating funds to enable a number of local wildlife organisations to plant trees and create new woodlands.

If you have registered an interest then we will contact you at the beginning of the rollout, and invite you to take part by placing your business offers on the Treegeneration website. To get started you will need to undertake the following simple steps:

1. Create an account on the website;

2. Set up your business profile;

3. Make a commitment to provide goods and / or services;

4. Install our MERCHANT APP on one or more mobile devices;

5. Place some business offers on our website;

6. Link your offers to your own website;

7. Publicise your offers to your customers and networks;

8. Get new and loyal customers and increase your sales.


Create an account

When the rollout of TREEGENERATION LOCAL has begun, you will need to create an account on our website. If you have registered an interest for your business, we will send you a link, with further instructions.

Set up your business profile

After you have created your new account on the website, you must set up your business profile. This contains information about your business which is shared with the public alongside the offers that you place.

Make a commitment

After you have set up your business profile, the next step is to make a commitment to provide a specified value of goods and / or services to the TREEGENERATION LOCAL rollout.

This only takes a moment, and is simply a case of giving us an amount, using a form in your business profile. The minimum first time commitment is £25, although we recommend that you do more, in order to make an impact and get greater benefit from Treegeneration. Each time that you sell an offer, your commitment is reduced, until it reaches zero, at which point you are unable to sell any more offers until you have topped up your commitment.

It at any point you decide that Treegeneration is not for you, you can retract your commitment, and take your offers off line.

Mobile Merchant App

You will need to install our Merchant App on one or more mobile devices in order to scan e-vouchers presented to you at your checkout. The App validates e-vouchers by making sure that they are genuine, and have not already been used. Scanning the e-vouchers also informs Treegeneration that the voucher has been redeemed, and your business is credited with supporting tree planting to the value of the customer's voucher.

If using a mobile device at checkout is unsuitable for you, there are alternative approaches but we recommend the App as the most secure and streamlined method.

Place your business offers on the website

After you have made a commitment, and have set up your Mobile Merchant App, you are ready to place offers on our website. There will be a link, and instructions available from your business profile pages. Our sales team will be on hand to support you with this, and help you to add offers that are suitable for your business, and will have a beneficial impact.

Link your offers to your website

You are not required to do this, but we recommend that you create a page, or add some information on your own website / social media profile letting your customers know that you are participating in TREEGENERATION LOCAL. If your customers can see this it will give them confidence that your offers are genuine, and they will be more likely to buy from you.

Publicise you offers

You are not required to do this, and we will be publicising the rollout wide and far ourselves. However TREEGENERATION LOCAL can be thought of as a collaborative crowdfunding effort, and the more it is publicised, the further it will reach, and everyone that is involved will benefit. Our sales team will be available to provide you with tips on how to publicise your business offers.

Get more customers

Treegeneration provides an opportunity for you to get new and loyal customers, and to increase your sales, without paying anything. It is free to register your business with us and place offers on the website. When customers redeem their e-voucher at your store, Treegeneration is informed, and we credit your business with raising funds to the value of the voucher that was redeemed. You will be acknowledged on the website as having made a contribution, and at certain milestones, we will send you a certificate validating your contribution, and the beneficial impact it is having for local wildlife.