Generating new and loyal customers for your business

What's in the bag?

TREEGENERATION LOCAL is a revolutionary way to do business that will get you new and loyal customers! We aim to raise funds for wildlife projects, whilst simultaneously giving local businesses and town centres a much needed boost.

By getting onboard our Local programme, your business will benefit from:

 Brand promotion

 New customers

 Customer loyalty

Our services are available for independent retailers, small businesses, sole traders, and artisans.

TREEGENERATION is rolling out in Aberystwyth in West Wales, and we plan to expand into other towns in the area in the future. Watch this space!


No fees

It's absolutely free to sign your business up with TREEGENERATION! You get a business profile page, and can list as many offers as you want in your store.

Contribution to Wildlife (CtW)

Instead of getting charged, you make a CtW with each sale you make via our platform. You choose the CtW value for each product you list, and the customer selects which wildlife project it will go to during checkout. 

Business Profile Page

Use your Profile Page to tell customers how great your business is, and include your logo, contact details, and links to your website and social media pages.  

Unlimited listings

You can list unlimited offers at no cost. The following types of products are available so far:

  • Vouchers
  • "Wild Saver" Loyalty Discounts
  • Fixed Offers
  • "Buy-now" Products
  • Event Tickets  

Merchant dashboard

Log in to the website at any time to update your profile and listings, manage your sales, and get the latest on the value of your wildlife contributions. 

Mobile App

The TREEGENERATION platform operates on web and mobile. Our app is available for Apple and Android devices where all your business offers are automatically listed and available for sale. 

Point of Sale (POS) integration

When a customer arrives at your POS with a voucher, discount coupon, or ticket, choose from 3 services to validate and complete the sale:

  • SMS Service
  • Website dashboard
  • Mobile App merchant dashboard

Fast Payment by BACS

Whenever we sell one of your business offers, any money that is owed to you is paid quickly into your business bank account via BACS. 

Email Notifications

Receive automatic email notifications on all your sales, POS events and payouts. 

Know where your customers are coming from

Unlike conventional forms of advertising and promotions, where it is difficult to know your return on investment, you know exactly how much your CtW is when you generate a sale through TREEGENERATION

Public Endorsement

The value of your wildlife contributions are displayed publicly, so that discerning customers can see how you are supporting local wildlife.

Regenerating the Local Economy

Our TREEGENERATION Local Programme is regenerating the local economy as a whole - not just your business. Each new business that gets onboard is mutually beneficial for every one else!

Fighting the Climate and Nature emergency

The climate and nature emergencies combined are the greatest challenges of our time! The CtWs that you make when you sell through our platform help others to tackle these challenges.


How we promote your business

At the heart of the TREEGENERATION Local business model, is our Wealth Creation Cycle which generates income for wildlife projects, and motivates customers to spend within the local economy at businesses like yours:

The Treegeneration Local wealth creation cycle

Here's how it works:

  • You sign-up your business and make a commitment to provide discounted goods and services in support of wildlife projects. For each product that you list, you set a Contribution to Wildlife (CtW) amount as a component of the product's total price. 
  • The public make financial contributions to wildlife projects through crowdfunders and other promotions, and in return they are rewarded with Local Credit. By supporting projects, members of the public protect the well-being of current and future generations.  
  • Customers are motivated to use their Local to get discounts with businesses like yours. Their credit covers the CtW component of your product's price, and the rest is paid with regular money. With each CtW that you make, your commitment is reduced.

    Any commitments that you make are non-binding and you can opt out at any time. Once you have fulfilled your commitment you can choose to call it a day, or play it again.



  1. You sign-up your business and make a commitment to provide £100 of discounted goods and services to support local wildlife projects. You list £50 vouchers available for sale, with a £5 CtW. 
  2. Jo makes a payment of £10 to their favourite wildlife project, and in return is rewarded with £10 Local Credit.  
  3. They purchase your voucher paying £5 Local plus £45 regular money, and their credit balance is reduced to £5. 
  4. When they present the voucher at your POS, you use one of the three checkout methods we provide to validate and complete the sale. 
  5. Upon completion of the sale, your commitment is reduced by the value of the CtW, from £100 to £95, and we pay you the remaining £45 on the voucher via BACS. You are listed on TREEGENERATION as having contributed £5 to wildlife!


Download our guide for SMEsFind out more

If you like what you've seen so far, and would like more information on how TREEGENERATION LOCAL can help your business, community, and environment, you can download our introductory business guide.

Download Introductory Guide (12 MB)
(Low resolution version here - 1 MB)


Why should I sign-up my business?

There are a number of reasons for signing your business up with our TREEGENERATION LOCAL programme:

 Business Promotion

Most businesses use out platform for the simple reason that it is a cost effect method for promoting your brand, and getting new and loyal customers. If you pay for advertising or spend time promoting your business in any other way, then you should consider giving our approach a try as well.


TREEGENERATION is a good opportunity if you are seeking to demonstrate your Corporate Social Responsibility, since the Contribution to Wildlife that you make is a public endorsement of your commitment to public well-being. 

 Committed to the Environment

Perhaps your business is already committed to the environment, in which case out platform is a great way to express that commitment in new ways, whilst generating additional sales at the same time.

 Alternative to Carbon Offsetting

A lot of people are against carbon offsetting and see it as part of the problem, rather than a solution. Using our services is a good alternative because you demonstrate your Contribution to Wildlife, rather than your carbon offsets.

 Good for the Local Economy

Our Local Programme is designed to give the whole local economy a boost, and not just your business. What is good for the local economy is good for your business, as well as everyone else!

 Trying your hand as an artisan

If you are a budding artist or crafts-person, you can try listing your work here, to see if you can generate any sales in your local community.

 Don't like other online marketplaces

Maybe you already sell via an online platform, but are not happy with it because it charges too much or is too profit orientated. You can give our purpose driven platform a try, and give local wildlife a boost as well as your business ..


Five product types available

You can choose from the following range of products for your business:


You are provided with a voucher product automatically when you create your business account, although you do not have to use it. You can have up to four voucher amounts, and for each of these you choose the Contribution to Wildlife (CtW) amount. Vouchers are a great way of getting new customers to your business or store. When a customer buys one of your vouchers they are emailed a unique code, along with a PDF version of the voucher. Read more ..

 "Wild Saver" Loyalty Discounts

Offer a percentage based loyalty discount to your customers at your in-store checkout. This product is a ideal for building customer loyalty and achieving repeat sales. The % discount that you offer is up to you. Loyalty discounts are only available to mobile app users who have credit in their Virtual Wallet. You also need to be using our mobile app or website at your POS to be able to handle them. You are provided with a Wild Saver product when you create your business account, but do not need to use it. Read more ..

 Fixed Rate and Variable Discounts

Create you own special offers like "£5 TO WILDLIFE when you spend £50 or more", or "£10 TO WILDLIFE with your first session when you become a member". These Offers are a novel form of "discount" because customers do not actually pay any less. They buy your offers and a financial contribution goes to a wildlife project of their choice instead. When the customer buys an offer, they are given a coupon code which they can redeem at your POS in return for a discount. Read more .. 

 "Buy-now" Products

These are products that you sell directly through our platform rather than through your own store. Any business can add a Buy Now product, but they are particularly suited for artisans, or new-start businesses that do not have your own store or website. You can list all your items as separate products, or you can create variations within a single product. For each product variant, you decide an appropriate CtW amount. After a customer purchases one of your products, we forward the money to you, less the contribution amount.

 Event Tickets

Use this product type to advertise and sell all manner of events and tickets, such as parties, festivals, or courses. Event Tickets work in a similar way to "Buy Now" products so you can create different variants within your product, such as "Premium tickets", "Standard tickets" etc. As with other products, you specify a CtW amount which is forwarded to the customer's preferred wildlife project. For each ticket sold, the customer is emailed a unique ticket number, along with a PDF version of the ticket.



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Get onboard our Local Programme to increase your brand awareness, and gain new and loyal customers.

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How come you don't charge for your services?

Because we ask you to make a Contribution to Wildlife (CtW) each time we sell one of your products, it would not be fair to charge you on top of this. At the moment, our services are still under development, and we are exploring different finance models. Our goal though is operate a zero cost service for the business community.

Is it a big commitment for my business?

It is up to you, commit to whatever value you feel comfortable with. The minimum amount that you can commit to is £25, but we recommend that you do more than this in order to make an impact. If TREEGENERATION is not working out for your business, you can withdraw any offers you have made before fulfilling your commitment. On the other hand if using our services benefits your business, you can "top up" your commitment and keep on going with us.

How much should I contribute to wildlife with each sale?

We operate on a "Pay as you feel" basis, and encourage you to set your own CtW rates, based on how much you value nature, and how much you think us selling your products is worth to you. You will probably want a higher CtW rate for some product types than others. For example vouchers are a good way of getting new customers, and most businesses go for a rate of about 10%. On the other hand, our Wild Saver discounts are designed to increase customer loyalty and generate repeat sales, so you would probably want to set the CtW lower for this product. Bare in mind that the higher your CtW rate is for a product, the more likely it is to incentivise a potential customer to buy it.

Does a customer need to have Local credit to buy our products?

No they do not, a customer can buy your business offers direct from TREEGENERATION even though they do not have credit. In these situations, the customer pays the full price with regular money, and does not get a discount. The money that they pay is forwarded to you less the CtW component which is directed to the wildlife project that they chose when they added the product to their cart. We encourage people to make financial contributions though, in return for Local Credit rewards. This way they are incentivised to shop with participating shops and businesses, in order to benefit from their rewards.  

Will my business need to download the mobile app?

You do not need to use the mobile app but it is recommended in order to improve your customer checkout experience and to make our full range of services available to you. The mobile app offers the following advantages:

  • Percentage based Loyalty Discounts to customers
  • Partial redemption of voucher products
  • Built in QR code scanner for easy validation and completion of sales
  • Validation and completion from coupon code if QR scanner is not an option
  • Information on status of sales

The mobile app is available for Andriod and IOS, and can be installed on a mobile phone, or a tablet if this is where you POS system is installed.

Does my business need to be based in a town centre?

We are hoping to get as many businesses in the area involved as possible, and you do not need to be located in a town centre. However, by getting a significant number of town centre businesses involved, we hope to make a splash, and to give these places a much needed boost. Town centres and independent retailers are under pressure for a variety of reasons, including supermarkets, thrift stores, out of town retail, and the rise of internet shopping. The UK economy has never really recovered from the 2008 banking crises, plus on top of that we have the impacts of Covid, Brexit, and geopolitical tensions in various parts of the world. TREEGENERATION LOCAL does not aim to get people buying more stuff as consumerism is a major driver behind the climate and nature crises. Instead it is our intention to change shopping habits, and get people away from websites like Ebay, Amazon, and Temu, and back onto the high street.