Businesses - getting started

Do your bit for the planet by helping to fund woodland projects in your area, and in return we will bring new customers onto your web site and through your door.

Support woodland projects, get new customers and increase your sales

Place offers here on the Treegeneration web site. When people purchase your offers, the money that they spend is directed to a woodland project of their choice, and in return they receive a discount voucher which can only be redeemed at your business. Two kinds of offer available:

  • Help without Hurting
  • Share the Load

When customers purchase Help without Hurting the discount they receive is equivalent to the amount of cash that was paid to the woodland project, and it is up to you as the business to honour the discount, so although it is their money that is sent to the woodland, it is your business that bears the cost.

With Share the Load the customer's cash is directed to the woodland project of their choice again, but the value of the discount that your business provides is only half of the amount that they pay. This means that the cost of the contribution to the woodland project is split evenly between you and your customer. 

It is free to place offers, and when you do it is our job to advertise them far and wide, in local and social media, to ensure that they have an impact, raise funds for the woodland, and bring new customers to you.

Whenever a customer redeems a voucher at your business, the value of your contribution to the woodland is publicly acknowledged on Treegeneration as a certificate which states the number and type of trees your business contribution pays for, and the amount of carbon they will be expected to remove from the atmosphere during their life time.

Get people into the Town Centre

When a new woodland project gains our support in raising funds, we create a media storm in the locality of the development. Our goal is to get a host of local businesses involved in a fund raising initiative for the woodland, and to create a buzz around it. Like this each new woodland will help to get people shopping locally, in addition to providing vital support for the woodland.

Sustainability audits

As a business, you may be thinking about taking your environmental responsibilities more seriously. Supporting tree planting initiatives is a great step forward, but it is also important to reduce your businesses impact wherever possible. Treegeneration is available to conduct an environmental impacts assessment for your business, and we can help you plan how to reduce your carbon emissions going forward into the future.

Offset your business's carbon

Although every business can take steps to reduce it's carbon emissions, it is not very easy for many businesses to become carbon neutral, so carbon offsetting provides a way to assist with this.

The woodland projects supported by Treegeneration are registered with the Woodland Carbon Code, and as such they are able to sell the carbon that is captured as their trees grow.

You can register your business in order to purchase carbon offsets directly from Treegeneration as soon as we have some available to sell.

Alternatively, you can earn carbon credits by participating in 'Help without Hurting' crowdfunding campaigns. When a customer buys one of your Offers from the site, you can choose that the money they pay is used to purchase carbon offsets from the woodland. The offsets that are purchased are retired on a public register in the name of your business, and provide evidence that you are voluntarily offsetting your carbon emissions.