Discount Offers

How our Discount Offer products can help your business

TREEGENERATION provides opportunities for the public to make financial contributions to wildlife projects and in return get rewarded with Local Credit, which they can use to obtain discounts from participating businesses, such as yours.

There are zero fees for using our platform, but instead you "pay" with the discount rewards that you provide. In return for your rewards, TREEGENERATION helps promote your brand, and gets you new and loyal customers.

Customers are able to obtain your Discount Offers in three ways:

  1. Claiming Rewards
    When members of the public make contributions to the wildlife projects that we support, they are rewarded with Local Credit, which they can exchange with your business in return for discounts.
  2. Purchasing Discounts
    A customer does not need to have Credit in order to obtain your Discount Offers - they can "buy" them instead. Buying discounts sounds unintuitive, but all that is happening here, is that a customer is making a contribution to wildlife, and claiming their Credit reward at the same time in a single streamlined checkout action.
  3. Topping up
    If a customer does not have enough Credit to claim your Discount Offer, they can use what they already have, and top it up by making an additional contribution to wildlife for the remaining amount when they add your Offer to their cart.


Fixed Rate and Variable Discounts

You are able to offer both Fixed Rate and Variable (percentage based) discounts. You set the value and terms of the offers you list to suit your business needs, and they should be designed to help you attract new and loyal customers. For example you might offer a Fixed Rate discount as a "special offer" to attract new customers, and a percentage based Variable discount as an incentive to increase customer loyalty.

A "Wildsaver" is a Variable discount offer that you are automatically provided with when your merchant account is created with TREEGENERATION. It is up to you whether you choose to use and / or adapt this or not.

Fixed Rate examples:

Corner Cafe

£7.50 off

Buy one get one free, with all day breakfasts on Thur and Fri mornings.

Dolphin Cruises


To Marine Conservation Society with group bookings only.


Variable Examples:

MOT Testing Station

20% off

All MOTs for this month only.

Mini Market

2.5% off

Wildsaver Loyalty Discount.


Discount Offers are a great way of attracting new recurring or subscription payment customers:

Milk Round

£5 off

First week's delivery when you contribute to wildlife.

Karate School

£10 off

Free introductory session at the Village Hall

Health and Fitness Club

50% off

First month's membership.


Fixed Discount Offer Example

£5 OFF all in-store purchases

  • Claiming rewards
    Customer has been rewarded with £5 Local Credit from a previous contribution to wildlife, and uses this to claim the discount that you are offering. Their credit balance is reduced to £0, and in return they are supplied with a coupon which entitles them to an in-store discount of £5 at your point of sale (POS).
  • "Purchasing" discounts
    Customer has not contributed to wildlife before, and has a credit balance of £0. They "buy" your Discount Offer by paying £5 regular money which is directed at a wildlife project of their choosing. In return they are rewarded with £5 Local Credit which is immediately exchanged for a coupon entitling them to an in-store discount at your POS.
  • Topping up
    The customer has £2.50 Local Credit remaining from a previous contribution to wildlife, which is not enough to claim the discount reward that you are offering. They make a payment of £2.50 regular money which is sent to a wildlife project of their choosing, and their credit balance is topped up to £5, which is automatically used to claim a discount coupon for your store.


How customers use your Discount Offers

Three different methods are provided for your customers to access and use the Discount Offers that you provide:


Coupons are only used with Fixed Rate Discount Offers. A customer can obtain a coupon with credit, regular money, or a combination of both. Coupons are emailed to customers, and can also be accessed via our mobile app if they use it. When a customer presents a valid coupon at your point of sale they are entitled to a discount. It is your responsibility to validate a coupon and to complete the sale. You can do this using our SMS Service, your Merchant Account on the website, or the Mobile App Checkout facility. "Completing the sale" informs TREEGENERATION that the coupon has been used and it's status is updated accordingly. 

 Virtual Wallet

This method can be used with both Fixed Rate and Variable discounts. To use their Virtual Wallet, the customer needs our mobile app, and to have credit in their account. When the customer opens their Virtual Wallet at your point of sale, it is your responsibility to validate their account, and to complete the sale. You can do this through your Merchant Account on the website, or with the Mobile App Checkout facility. "Validating the customer's account" will tell you if they have enough credit to pay for the discount they are claiming, and "Completing the sale" authorises us to transfer the credit from the customer's account. If the customer does not have enough credit to cover the value of the offer, you have the option to offer them a lesser discount instead.

 Payment Links

These can be used with both Fixed Rate and Variable discounts, and are intended for businesses that invoice for payments, rather than take money via a checkout. When you provide your customer with a Payment Link it makes it easy for them to claim the reward that you are offering, or to buy the discount, according to how much credit they have in their account. You are notified after the customer has responded to the Payment Link and the sale status is automatically updated.



How you handle your customer's Discount Offers

It is your responsibility to validate and complete the sale, when a customer is claiming a discount from you. There are three types of handler available for you to do this:

 SMS Service

We provide a dedicated SMS service that you can use to validate and complete Fixed Rate Discount sales. The SMS service can not be used with Variable percentage based discounts. When a customer presents you with a coupon code for an offer that they have obtained in advance, simply text the code to our dedicated number, and you will get a message straight back telling you if the code is valid or not. If the code is valid, it's status will be automatically updated and you are obliged to provide the customer with the discount stated when they obtained the code.  

 Mobile App

You can use the Merchant Checkout facility built into our Mobile App, as a more advanced method than our SMS Service for validating and updating the status of a coupons. If the customer has Local Credit in their account, and is using the Virtual Wallet provided to them by our Mobile App, they can also claim both Fixed Rate, and Variable Discounts on the fly, at your checkout, without having to obtain them in advance.


You can use your Merchant Account on our website to handle all forms of Discount Offer checkouts, including Fixed Rate Coupons, Virtual Wallet presentations and Payment Links.



Fixed Rate Discounts

Customer usingHandler
 Mobile App
Virtual Wallet
 Mobile App
Payment Link
 Mobile App


Variable (Percentage based) discounts

Customer usingHandler
Virtual Wallet
 Mobile App
Payment Link
 Mobile App


Integrated Solutions

Online stores

If you sell online via your own website, TREEGENERATION provides an API which you can use to directly integrate your checkout process. We do not have any "out of the box" solutions available yet, but are really happy to discuss bespoke solutions.

If your website, or platform is able to distribute bulk and / or unique discount codes, we are also able to sell these for you as a feature of our Fixed Rate Discount Offers.  

To find out more about either of these options for integration with your online store, please get in touch here.

Integrated POS payment systems

If you use an online payment system such as Zettle, Shopify, Square, EPOS Now, or SumUp, we do not offer any integration solutions for these as yet, but aim to develop these as time goes on. If this is something that you would be interested in, please get in touch.