Treegeneration 20 Year Plan

100 Million Trees

Research shows there is space on the planet to plant a trillion trees, and that doing so over the next 50-100 years will mop up two thirds of all our carbon emissions.

The Climate Change Committee’s Land Use Report states that for the UK to reach Net Zero Carbon, 90 – 120 million trees need planting every year until 2050.

Treegeneration aims to be a significant player in this land use transformation, by enabling the planting of 100 million trees over 20 years, which will sequester an estimated 15 million tonnes of carbon over a hundred years.

  • This is approximately 4% of the total trees required in the UK according to the Climate Change Committee.
  • To make this happen will require a rapid year on year growth in trees planted for the first 10 years of business.

We will achieve this growth through effective marketing of the benefits of tree planting to land owners, and offering a comprehensive package of support, through from initial ideas to playing an active role in developing the UK carbon market, to ensure that landowners get a good price on their carbon.

Hectares of trees planted per year

Year 1 (2021) – Proof of Concept

  • 2 “Pioneer” Woodland Partnerships created and a total of 6 hectares planted.
  • Crowdsource funding mechanisms developed
  • Projects successfully planted and validated with the UK Woodland Carbon Code
New projects: 2
Trees planted: 12,000
Hectares: 6

Year 2 (2022) – Investment

At a three-fold increase in tree planting, investment is required to move the business up a gear, in years 4-5 the Business will be able to support dedicated staff.

  • Business loan obtained
  • Office premises established
  • 1.5 fte staff employed
New projects: 3
Trees planted: 36,000
Hectares: 18

Total trees planted: 48,000

Year 3 (2023) – Rapid Growth

  • Three fold increase in tree planting on year 2
  • Team expanded
  • First company electric vehicle procured
New projects: 5
Trees planted: 108,000
Hectares: 54

Total trees planted: 156,000


Year 10 (2030) – Peak tree planting

New projects: 456
Trees planted: 9,000,000
Hectares: 4,500

Total trees planted: 34,000,000


Year 20 (2040) – 100 million trees achieved!